ETFO takes action on violence in our schools

Our provincial union has heard from locals across the province that teachers are too often victims of violence and has started a multi-year campaign to address the issue. Boards need to comply with health and safety legislation and we need to improve the way teachers and schools report violent incidents. To do this ETFO plans[…]

OPSBA Changes its Mind about Random Testing

The time, effort and money spent on the EQAO testing as long been decried as a meaningless waste by ETFO and other education stakeholders. Regular assessment by classroom teachers gives a more accurate idea of how well students are progressing and allows the teachers to exercise their professional judgement as to the best way to teach[…]

Court Ruling Against Bill 115 Secures Charter Rights of Every Worker

Court Ruling Against Bill 115 Secures Charter Rights of Every Worker: OFL Calls on Premier Wynne to Bring Balance and Fairness to Labour Laws (TORONTO, ON) ─ The Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) applauded yesterday’s Ontario Superior Court ruling upholding the collective bargaining rights of educational workers, including their right to strike. Hon. Justice Thomas[…]

ETFO, other education unions win major victory with Charter challenge to Bill 115

The Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO) and other education unions have won a major court victory at the Ontario Superior Court of Justice today. The court found that the Ontario government’s Bill 115 imposed in the fall of 2012 was a violation of the collective bargaining rights of education unions. In his decision, Justice[…]


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