Welcome Back!

September can bring many feelings.  For some, it can bring feelings of excitement about a fresh start–new beginnings, new students, and maybe a new school.   For others, it can bring anxiety and a heavy feeling –a feeling of uncertainty. Whatever September brings for you, please remember to take care of yourself. Stewards training will take[…]

ETFO takes action on violence in our schools

Our provincial union has heard from locals across the province that teachers are too often victims of violence and has started a multi-year campaign to address the issue. Boards need to comply with health and safety legislation and we need to improve the way teachers and schools report violent incidents. To do this ETFO plans[…]


We all know someone touched by cancer. There is help. The CAREpath Navigation System, Survivor Support Program and Cancer Information Line are available to eligible  OTIP and Teachers Life members at no additional cost. CAREpath Inc. is a Canadian company providing services to help you navigate the complex heath care system so you and your family members who are[…]


President – Mike Lumb mikelumb2@gmail.com 1st Vice President – Debi Wells debiwells@gmail.com 2nd Vice President -Jane Roberts   jane.yafreak@gmail.com Secretary – April Elliott  april.k.elliott@gmail.com Treasurer – Dave McLatchie  dave.mclatchie@gmail.com Committee Chairs Occupational Health and Safety – Paul Olmsted  paul.olmstead@gmail.com Equity and Social Justice – Karen Spanton  karen.spanton@gmail.com Professional Development – Margaret Chung  magschung@hotmail.com Status of Women – Aileen[…]