• Ontario education ministry scrutinized over cancelled truth and reconciliation curriculum sessions

    Ontario‘s Ministry of Education is facing significant criticism for scrapping curriculum development sessions aimed at revising what students learn and a key component involves truth and reconciliation.

    “I personally find it disturbing that we are where we are with this cancellation,” said Sam Hammond, President of the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO).

    Hammond said there was insufficient notice provided to participants. The event was slated to begin Monday. It was cancelled late Friday afternoon.

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    “It’s all very troubling in terms of all the work that’s gone in to getting us to this point so that that writing team, with authentic voices … for Indigenous peoples, can come up with and develop culturally relevant Indigenous education on a factual basis,” he said.

    Hammond said he believes the decision to abruptly cancel the sessions could set educators, and ultimately students, back by at least a year.

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