• Ontario librarian creates online guide for teachers to find available Indigenous course content

    A librarian at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) at the University of Toronto has compiled a list of Indigenous education content available.

    The resource compilation is a response to the recent cancellation of Truth and Reconciliation curriculum writing sessions that were to build upon Ontario’s curriculum by infusing Indigenous knowledge and pedagogy across all subjects and grades

    “I compiled these items so that teachers would have something that they could look to that are largely created by Indigenous educators, artists, and authors to bring those authentic world views into their classrooms,” said Desmond Wong.

    Wong is the outreach librarian at the OISE library at the U of T campus. He is not Indigenous but he works closely with Indigenous staff, students and faculty and is responsible for the Indigenous education materials in the library.

    “I think it’s a responsibility for all of us as settlers to learn about these things and to celebrate Indigenous people and Indigenous students for the gifts that they have and the knowledge that they carry,” he said.

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