• OPSBA Changes its Mind about Random Testing

    The time, effort and money spent on the EQAO testing as long been decried as a meaningless waste by ETFO and other education stakeholders. Regular assessment by classroom teachers gives a more accurate idea of how well students are progressing and allows the teachers to exercise their professional judgement as to the best way to teach and test.

    ETFO has suggested for years that a random sampling would be a better way to use public monies and would offer results that were just as accurate.

    The Ontario Public School Boards’ Association has released an interesting discussion paper on EQAO testing. The paper, based on a survey of its member school boards and the broader discussion on the issue, includes a significant recommendation that the government consider moving to random-sample testing. The paper references a 2011 Ontario Teachers’ Federation position paper that was an updated version of a 2009 document prepared by OTF and affiliate staff.

    Click on the following to link to the Discussion Paper.