• Shannon Prince hopes resource will lead to Black history being studied beyond February

    Public school elementary teachers now have an extensive resource to incorporate more of Canada’s rich Black history into their classroom lessons.

    The recently release 365 ETFO (Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario) Black Canadian Curriculum, is “long overdue,” said Shannon Prince, curator of the Buxton National Historic Site and Museum.

    She likes the fact 365 has been included in the title, noting when many people think of Black history it’s often just during Black History Month in February.

    With the wealth of information that is provided through this resource, maybe Canada’s Black history will be taught in classrooms during other times of the year, Prince said.

    An ETFO media release says the curriculum offers ready-made lesson plans to explore Black history, culture, identity and current day realities of racism and discrimination with students. The curriculum is also designed to assist teachers in integrating Black studies into the Ontario curriculum with language arts, science, social studies, history, geography, music, drama and physical education.

    “I think that’s what teachers are looking for, those resources where you can download, and you can see the achievables, the outcomes, the expectations, all of those items are clearly defined,” Prince said.

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